About The Author

 I’ve always been a writer. Always had poems in my bones, words on my lips and expression in my body. People say that art is an outlet and it is, but art is the way I explore difficult topics within myself and the world around. My writing is an introspective probe. My poems like my body are composed of intimate pieces. They are alive and a way for me to say, this is what I’ve experienced, this is how I’ve processed it and maybe I’m not really done with that but I’ve found a way to understand it. 

  I love exploring my own creative outlets like painting, photography , blending and mixing mediums. I like when art is loud, messy and all mixed up like life. So much of our identity is intertwined in our art. Me: I’m the ever-introverted-open minded-extremely conscious- with a voice that is a thousand times louder on paper and a million times if it’s in a poem. I’m the one who notices that the woman next to me has a streak of pink  in her hair and I wonder how much time it took her to dye it and how much more it takes for her to hide it. She is my next poem or maybe my next performance piece. Sometimes my poem is a commentary on how dry a piece of Italian bread I bought from a gas station was. Sometimes it’s about how beautiful someone is.  Sometimes my poem is a tirade against institutionalized racism.

Often, in the current culture of our society people like to categorize each other. We are good at labeling ,defining and placing people in the most restrictive categories. We are especially skilled at speaking on things we don’t understand the depth of, simply put,  many of us think we know everything. We never know everything. Human experience is the basis for life, and it is usually paradoxical, multidimensional and nothing ever is as it seems.  
     For as long as we’ve been able to, we’ve shared our human experiences. We’ve created art, cultivated songs and  spilled our last drop of ink , in an effort to share our experience and express our emotions. Our purposes for sharing are just as diverse as our experiences. I like to remember that every  experience comes with the complexity and profundity that no one but myself can understand. There will always be judgment. I have always and never been afraid of judgment which is why I persist in writing about my experiences, no matter how controversial or counter-culture they may be. My hope is that we would all remain sagacious and kind with open minds and even more open hearts. So that we can all remain here doing what we do best creating , creating, creating. 
-Tiana Lopez

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